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I saved the world today

So see what had happened was…I folded a fitted sheet and it came out pretty good on the first try.  This event would, by any estimation, trigger the apocalypse.  

Fortunately for you, however, one of the pillow cases got lost within the fitted sections without me realizing it.  After searching the house, the washer and the dryer, I figured it out and had to unwrap the fitted sheet to find the case.

Re-folding the fitted sheet a second time, it was the usual wrinkled pile of crap it usually is.

So there you have it, no apocalypse.  You’re welcome.

that’s what Shane said©


a hairy topic

note to my 13 yr old self:

You will have to use a trimmer on your eyebrows and ears in your 40’s.  Weird hairs sprout up and there’s just nothing to be done for it other than chop them off again…just thought you should know. Nothing’s wrong, I just think the body is trying to keep itself warm in places you didn’t even know you were cold yet.

this is not the manscaping (you’ll hear about that later), this is just trying not to look like a paw-paw before you absolutely have to.

that’s what Shane said©

…and he’s back

Yeah, I couldn’t stay away.  I missed blogging.  Yeah, I said it.  I missed it.

The last time around I had a fairly focused task of exploring the land of being a fag over 40 exploring Buddhism.  I had, over the years, written myself into a corner.  I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, so I killed it.

Death was ok but as you know it’s just a transition.

Here in my new life I have no plan and no goal other than to write stuff down and contribute to the global consciousness.  I don’t have, nor do I want, any children, so I have to pass this shit along somehow, right?

and that’s what Shane said©