Monthly Archives: February 2014

Weight a Minute

5 months is too damn long to not write something. And you know what i’ve done since last post? Well yes, I’ve been engaged more deeply in my Zen practice but in addition to that, I’ve gotten allowed myself to get sloppy with my eating. Lots of sitting (which is on my ass, mind you) and reading and such does not bode well for the ever spreading blob I can only keep in check with regular exercise and attention to diet.

I did in September also go fully plant based in my eating which has been very helpful but around Thanksgiving I let myself slide into eating all kinds of the usual non meat type foods…breads, baked goods of all varieties, etc…and more processed stuff, just out of laziness and the ‘hey it’s the holidays’ mentality. Well, it has been ‘the holidays’ for a month but I was still eating that way.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to get my life back in better balance the past week or so and cleaning up my food, staying active, and getting back to writing is part of that. Also one of my online writing buddies from way back in my Buddhist blogging days, The Average Buddhist contacted me out of the blue this week just to touch base. It feels like the Universe is poking me and not only letting me know I need to get busy again but if I don’t, it may have to shove.

Miss God speaks in a wee small voice but if you don’t listen, Miss God screams. So yeah, I need to get my shit together before Miss God screams.

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