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Why I Killed My TV

book commits suicide

If you’re old enough to remember, there was a time when broadcast stations shut down around 2am in the morning. There was nothing on, just white noise or a static image until 5 or 6 in the morning. No news, no entertainment, no stimulation from the glowing box in the living room.

Contrast that with today and there are multiple glowing boxes of various sizes streaming stimulation into our heads 24/7. I deliberately used the word stimulation. Not news. Not entertainment. Not data. Stimulation.

Constant stimulation and the constant creation of it (that’s how the glowing boxes stay in business) means a couple things creating similar results. First it means that the creators/talkers/actors/writers, etc have to keep generating content. If you watch a random sampling of buzz worthy gaffs and goofs, I think a lot of them come from the talking heads getting tired. Then, in an attempt to keep talking they some weird/offensive/dramatic shit that gets them in trouble or at least gets them more time on the glowing boxes. Secondly, a constant stream of any stimulation leads to habituation in the receiver (and probably the sender as well).

The 2 most common results: Number one is an active issue: You have to shout louder, say more extreme stuff, or make up really weird material just to get noticed. This makes for ridiculous content. Examples would be any ultra conservative AND ultra liberal news outlets, any ‘reality’ TV show or any ‘how to’ show in which the primary host/celebrity/chef/carpenter/decorator, etc uses the word “perfect” more than once per show (or ever in my opinion). An example of generating eye catching silliness just to garner hits/views would be my joke poem/post called The Physics of Jesus that I wrote and posted purely as an experiment.

Number two is a passive issue: Creativity Fatigue. Our major entertainment creatives crank out mostly what is safe and proven (read tired and uninteresting to me). Examples: any sitcom/drama/series that goes beyond season 4, ‘reboots’ of any movie ever made, movie titles that end in a number that is not part of the title (iron man 3 as opposed to fahrenheit 451), any ‘reality’ tv show, and talk shows. …just revealed on Sunday, the 12th doctor who is a white male… and I’m certain my lists are not exhaustive.

Other issues play into it as well but are not within the scope of this post. The short version of why I killed my TV is I got tired of paying for the lame, stupid, repetitious, erroneous, shit on the big glowing box and I cancelled my cable service. There is plenty of the same confusination on the interwebs. I don’t need another glowing box in this house telling me how to think and what to like and how to look as if any of it is relevant or of value.

PS:  some additional truth speaking…bloggers have a similar agenda in that we want you to read our stuff even though we may say we don’t care who reads.  if we didn’t care, we’d still be journaling in our fancy blank books.

PPS:  we do count the hits and clicks and search engine results that bring people to our sites and we secretly wish people would comment on everything.  now that wordpress has a ‘like’ button, our naughty bits get tingly every time we get a notification someone liked our work or started following our blog.

PPPS:  you just read all the way to the bottom of this…GOTCHA!

PPPPS:  how many fucking P’s can you have in one of these things?

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